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From Family Gatherings to Board MeetingsShell Vacations Hospitality welcomes all types of group vacations to world-class destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  We work with you to make your corporate retreats, business meetings, sports groups, wedding parties, family reunions and tour groups a success.  Our sales team is a one-stop shop throughout the sales process, offering personalized service and options you may or may not have thought about.  Choose from a variety of hotels and resorts with spacious accommodations, superior amenities and outstanding service for your group trip.10 GOOD REASONS why your group is better off with us:Your group belongs at a Shell Vacations Hospitality Resort!  Here are just ten good reasons why your group is better off with us:1. Your Group is one-of-a-kind and it should be treated that way!  Our resorts & hotels are one-of-a-kind too, so we get it that each group is different. We handle all kinds, from a corporate outing to a family reunion. Our meeting staff is eager to take care of you each step of the way. From the Sales Manager to the Catering staff – our goal is to make your event (what ever one-of-a-kind event it is) a success!Spacious “Wow-Worthy” Rooms – Not only do most of our resorts feature larger than average rooms, utmost cleanliness and comfort, but our award-winning design team makes sure the décor best suits the location.  Such as the wine country sophistication of Napa’s Vino Bello Resort, unique one of a kind styling is yours to enjoy. No cookie cutter rooms here!2. Superior Customer Service – One comment we hear all the time from our valued group vacation and event planners is this: “You were so easy to work with!”  We are always happy to hear it, because that’s our goal.  We strive to build a relationship and rapport with you.  We’re willing to be flexible with dates, work with budgets, offer quick response and act as “one stop shopping.”  The sales contact is most often the same contact through the whole sales process.  We’re proud that our guest satisfaction score is at 93%! More about our rooms: “Just like at home (with a little office)” – Not only do most of our rooms have either full kitchens or kitchenettes, we also feature upgraded televisions, and many feature in-room washers and dryers and plenty of closet space to make your stay like a home away from home!  But we realize that everyone always needs a bit of the office, so most rooms feature a desk with complimentary Internet access.  Our rooms are so comfortable and productive, your guests will rave about how well they slept and how much they were able to get done! 3. Locations, Locations, Locations -We’re not yet everywhere – but our current locations are unique and appealing with something for every group trip:Along the West Coast, you can stop by the park in Anaheim (Peacock Suites Resort), the urban delights of San Francisco (The Donatello) and the bucolic vineyards of Napa (Vino Bello Resort) in between. 4. If you fancy the Southwest, take in the sun of Phoenix (Legacy Golf Resort), Scottsdale (Orange Tree Resort) or Tucson (Starr Pass Golf Resort) in Arizona or the excitement that is Las Vegas, Nevada (Desert Rose Resort). If you’re feeling more tropical, how about a stop of one of our Hawaiian Resorts, from the relaxation of the Kauai Coast Resort to a nap on the beach along the Kona Coast Resort. 5. Don’t forget the delights of some of our rural getaways, like the back country of the Crotched Mountain Resort in Francestown, New Hampshire, or enjoy the splendor of Barrie, Ontario and the Carriage Ridge Resort.  These are perfect spots for that unique family retreat or getaway.  6. And even more about our rooms: Unique Features – From the giant jetted tubs in Scottsdale and Phoenix, to the dry saunas in Whistler, to the hot tubs off your deck in New Hampshire – many of our rooms feature that something offer that other places haven’t thought about.7. V is for Value – We are competitive with pricing.  We pride ourselves not to be the highest rate in any region, and with our extra amenities and services, you are getting so much more than just a standard hotel room, for less you would pay for a standard hotel room.  Check out some of our offerly discounted dates and packages.8. Outstanding ActivitiesOur locations feature their own natural activities, like our golf resorts featuring the best golf.  But what about cable car rides in San Francisco?  Boogie boarding on the Kauai shore?  Zip trekking in Whistler?  Wine tasting or ballooning in Napa? So many fun things to do, you’ll want to stay an extra night! We also have outstanding concierge/guest services staff that can assist your individual guests on their free nights with planning everything, from dining and dancing, tickets to attractions, you name it!  Not just your basic help with where to go, but also what to do!  Many of our resort concierges also plan activities for you to participate in, like poolside events at the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, or guided hikes in the Hills around the Carriage Ridge Resort in scenic Barrie, Ontario. 9. Confidence in Cleanliness & AppearanceLong-term housekeeping staff and standards of cleanliness make our resorts, hotels and lodges sparkle.  Even with larger than average rooms, our Housekeeping staff makes sure that your room is just about perfect, and perfectly clean.Not only are our rooms “spot on” clean, but the public spaces are also maintained to strict standards.  From the grounds on our golf courses to the appearance and arrangement of our lobbies, from the paint on the wall to the plants along the walkway – we care that everything is up to date and well kept, so your stay can be enjoyed without even having to think about it.10. We care about our meeting planners. We know it’s hard out there, so we’re pleased to work with you.