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Whistler BC Map and Directions

Find Your Way Around Whistler      

Mountainside Lodge

4417 Sundial Place
Whistler, British Columbia
V0N 1B4
Phone: (604) 932-4511 

Mountainside Lodge is located just one minute from world famous Whistler Blackcomb slopes and situated near all the main attractions of Whistler. You won’t find a better base for your adventure. 

Whistler Map:

Driving Directions to Whistler:

Through Downtown Vancouver
Travel Time: approximately 4.5 - 5 hours
Distance: 340 km or 215 miles

  • Follow I-5 north to Canada-U.S. border. 160km / 100m
  • When in Canada, I-5 turns into Highway 99. Follow Hwy. 99 north over Oak Street Bridge. 50km / 30m Highway 99 becomes 99/Oak Street.
  • Turn left onto West 41st Avenue. 1km / 0.5m
  • Turn right onto Granville Street. Follow Granville over the Granville Street Bridge into downtown Vancouver. 15km / 9m Take Seymour Street exit off Bridge.
  • Follow Seymour Street, turn left on Georgia Street.
  • Follow Georgia Street through downtown Vancouver.
  • Georgia Street becomes the Stanley Park Causeway and will take you over the Lions Gate Bridge. 3km / 2m
  • Follow signs to West Vancouver off the Lions Gate Bridge. Continue west on Marine Drive. 0.5km / 0.25m
  • Turn right onto Taylor Way.
  • Continue up hill and turn left onto Highway 1 West.
  • Take exit #2 to Whistler-Blackcomb via Highway 99.
  • Follow Highway 99 to Whistler Village. 110km / 70m

Kelowna BC to Whistler, BC Southern Route (via main HWY’s through Vancouver)
Travel Time: approximately 6 hours
Distance: 511 km or 318 miles

  • Provincial Route 97 / Harvey Ave.
  • Continue to follow Provincial Route 97S. 17.11km / 10.63m
  • Take the Highway – 97C W ramp toward Merrit/Kamloops/Hope 0.48km / 0.29m
  • Merge onto Provincial Route 97C W. 105.14km / 65.33m
  • Take the Highway-5 Toll exit on the left. 0.46km / 2.8m
  • Merge onto Coquihalla Highway/Provincial Route 5 S (Portions toll) 109.08km / 67.79m
  • Keep Left at the fork to go on Crowsnest Highway W/Provincial Route 3 W. 6.40km / 3.97m
  • Crowsnest Highway W/Provincial Route 3 W becomes Trans Canada 168.89km / 104.94m
  • Highway W/Provincial Route 1 W.
  • Take the Highway-99 N exit toward Squamish/Whistler 0.32km / 0.19m
  • Turn slight right onto Sea to Sky Highway N/Provincial Route 99 N. 99.93km / 62.09m
  • Arrive in Whistler. Welcome!

Kelowna BC to Whistler, BC Northern Route (via Kamloops & The Duffy Lake Road)
Distance: 472 km Time: 5.42 hours

  • Take the Highway - 97 N 145km / 90.09m
  • Travel West on Trans Canada Hwy W/Provincial Route 1 28.73km / 17.85m
  • Merge onto Trans Canada Hwy W/Provincial Route 1 7.98km / 4.95m
  • Take the Highway-1/Trans Canada Highway/Highway-97 exit - exit number 362 - Toward Vancouver & Coast/Cash Creek/Lytton/Prince George 0.72km / 0.44m
  • Merge onto Provincial Route 97.  82.38km / 51.18m
  • Turn Left onto Provincial Route 99. 206.26km / 128.16m
  • Arrive in Whistler. Welcome!

From Grant McConachie Way to Whistler, BC

  • Start out going west on Grant McConachie Way.
  • Turn left onto Miller Road.
  • Turn left onto Templeton Street.
  • Turn right onto Grant McConachie Way.
  • Stay straight to go onto Arthur Laing Bridge.
  • Take the ramp toward Granville St/City Centre.
  • Turn slight right onto SW Marine Drive.
  • SW Marine Drive becomes Granville Street.
  • Take the Seymour St/Highway-99 N ramp toward BC Ferries/Horseshoe Bay/Whistler.
  • Stay straight to go onto Seymour Street/Provincial Route 99 N.
  • Turn left onto W Georgia ST/Provincial Route 1A/Provincial Route 99. Continue to follow Provincial Route 1A/Provincial Route 99.
  • Take the Highway 99/Highway 1-A ramp toward West Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay-Ferries/Squamish.
  • Turn slight right onto Marine Drive/ Provincial Route 1A W/ Provincial Route 99N.
  • Turn slight right onto Taylor Way/Provincial Route 1A W/Provincial Route 99 N.
  • Turn left onto Mathers Avenue.
  • Merge onto Provincial Route 1 W/Trans Canada Highway W
  • Take Sea to Sky Highway/Provincial Route 99 N toward Squamish/Whistler.
  • Stay straight to go onto Sea to Sky Highway N/Provincial Route 99 N.
  • Turn right onto Village Gate Boulevard.
  • Turn right onto Blackcomb Way.
  • Turn right onto Sundial Crescent.
  • Sundial Crescent becomes Sundial Place.
  • Arrive in Whistler. Welcome!

Mileage and Travel Times From Whistler

Banff 967km 604mi 10 hours
Birkenhead Lake 55km 34mi 1 hour
Blaine, WA 173km 108mi 3 hours
D'Arcy/Anderson Lake 76km 27mi 55 minutes
Fairmont 988km 617mi 11 hours
Lillooet 131km 83mi 2 hours
Kamloops 475km 300mi 4.5 hours
Pemberton 31km 20mi 30 minutes
Salmon Arm 583km 364mi 5.5 hours
Seattle, WA 351km 220mi 5 hours
Squamish 58km 36mi 45 minutes
Vancouver 123km 77mi 2 hours