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A Premier Phoenix Resort Spa

Relax. Unwind. Enjoy.

The Legacy Golf Resort spa is an exclusive Phoenix resort spa, offering many fine spa services for our guests. Please look over our spa menu below. There is sure to be something perfect to make your Phoenix getaway even better.

Gift Certificates are also available. Call (602) 305-5560 to schedule your appointment at the best of Phoenix luxury spas today!


Swedish Massage - Traditional massage utilizing a combination of movements including long strokes and kneading. Circulation is improved while promoting relaxation and stress relief. Excellent for first timers and those who prefer light to medium pressure.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Therapeutic Massage - Perfect for those with minor aches and pains that require more of a medium to deep pressure. A variety of Swedish and Myotherapy movements are used. Circulation is improved while resolving some of the tension areas.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Golfer's Massage - A golf performance massage is a therapeutic massage with focus on the main groups of muscles used during the golf swing. Our golfer's massage is designed for both men and women. If you are looking to improve your golf game and prevent injury, this is for you.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Maternity Massage - Designed to give relief to the specific needs of the mother-to-be, this massage aids in relaxation, circulation, and pressure or strain that the body goes through during pregnancy.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Aromatherapy Massage - Drift away as your mind, body, and spirit become one. This fragrant full-body massage is the ultimate healthy pleasure. Your personal therapist will combine various massage techniques with essential oils to help you relax, refresh, and renew.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Reflexology Massage Combo - Escape reality with this massage and reflexology combination. Release life's tensions through the energy meridians of the body on the feet. Your personal therapist will blend reflexology techniques into a Swedish massage to resume normal energy flow throughout the body.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

Massage / Energy Combo - This uniquely designed massage will not only promote deep relaxation and increase circulation, it will also use a combination of techniques to unblock congested areas and blockages restricting energy to flow freely throughout your body. This increased flow of energy through your body restores harmony and balance in your life.
60 minutes $100 / 90 minutes $150

*Poolside massages are available upon request.
*In-room massages are available for an additional $30 charge.

Body Treatments

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap - Detoxification starts with a dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. A seaweed mud application draws out toxins while nurturing and re-mineralizing the skin. The treatment finishes with an application of hydrating moisture cream.
60 minutes: $130

Chocolate Raspberry Fondue Wrap - Indulge and escape with an aromatic chocolate raspberry scrub that exfoliates your skin while wrapped in a warm blanket. Your personal therapist will pamper you with a relaxing scalp massage.
60 minutes: $130

Aromatherapy Salt Glow - Soften and smooth your skin with a gentle salt scrub infused with your choice of essential oils designed to relax, rejuvenate or detoxify. A la carte or an ideal companion to any massage.
60 minutes: $130

Mud Wrap - This treatment is fantastic for achy, sore muscles. Mud revitalizes and softens skin while detoxifying and relaxing muscles, leaving you feeling better than ever. Drift away while your therapist massages your head and neck while you are wrapped.
60 minutes: $130

Facial Treatments

Ultimate Hydration Facial - The ultimate solution for severely dry, dehydrated, sun damaged skin. This intensive facial leaves your skin velvety soft and dewy.
60 minutes: $110

Intense Cleansing Facial - This deep cleansing, invigorating facial focuses on cleaning out severely congested skin. Leaves oily, problematic skin feeling refreshed and renewed.
60 minutes: $110

Pure Elegance Anti-Aging Facial - A luxurious facial to restore skin's vitality and eternal youth. This facial allows the aesthetician to accomplish the ultimate goal of visibly radiant skin with a beautiful healthy glow.
60 minutes: $110

Gentleman's Facial - This custom blended facial is uniquely tailored to your skin's specific needs. You will leave feeling fresh and relaxed.
60 minutes: $110

Teen Facial - This facial is specifically designed for teens to deep clean and refresh the skin. Using vitamins and nutrients to restore and nourish skin to combat environmental damage and aging. Skin will feel soft and smooth to the touch.
60 minutes: $110

Reservations & General Spa Information

Reservations - A four-hour notice to schedule an appointment at our Phoenix spa is recommended. Please call Fitness & Activities at extension 5560 or (602) 305-5560.

Cancellation Policy - A 24-hour advance notice required to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Less than 24 hours' notice will result in full cost of scheduled treatment(s).

Service Charge- A 15% service charge will be added to all services.

Gratuities - Gratuity is not included in the pricing. Gratuities may be left at the guest's discretion.

Hours - Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Appointments made after hours will be at the discretion of the therapist.

Medications - Please notify your therapist of any physical ailments or medications you are currently taking prior to your treatments.

Arrival - To ensure you receive the full benefits of your spa experience, arrive five to ten minutes prior to your treatment. Guests twelve to sixteen years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Prior to Your Treatment - We recommend that you shower before all treatments as the massage lotions are best absorbed through clean skin. For wraps, we suggest women do not shave the day of their service as they may experience a tingling or burning sensation. It is also suggested that you remain hydrated and drink eight to sixteen ounces of water before and after your treatment.