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Scottsdale Resort and Spa Services

Relax and Recharge with services offered by Trefoil Therapies Spa and Wellness

The therapies and treatments below are offered onsite as an in-room treatment only. However, these treatments as well as others are available at an offsite location, Integrative Health Care. Visit the Trefoil website,, for a list of the additional services offered as well as Integrative Health Care's location.

The Tibetan Bell Massage
This amazing new massage will include the use of a Tibetan Bell to cleanse your aura and balance your chakras. This will be followed by a massage using a blend of Essential Aromatherapy Oils, including Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold will be added by the nurturing touch of the therapist. This process will leave you feeling relaxed, regenerated and ready to handle all of life's stresses.

The special price for this wonderful session is merely $130 for 60 minutes. For even greater value, why not indulge for 90 minutes for an extraordinary $165? Gratuities are not included.

Couples' Special
The Couples' Special is the perfect option for couples celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or simply a special romantic escape. This special feature includes:

  • A massage together in your room, using a special blend of essential oils, which will normally be a Love Potion. However, if you and your partner are working on a particular issue together, you have a choice of Love, Spirituality, Healing, Strength/Protection, and/or Cash Flow
  • Lit candles to increase the romantic ambience in your room 
  • You will be given a little gift as a memento of your special day 
  • All this plus a reduction of $10 per person off the usual cost of an in- room massage.

$220 for 60 minutes. The service can be extended to 90 minutes at the discounted cost of $300. Gratuities are not included.

60 Minute Signature Massage
Whether you have one or more specific issues that need rectifying or for stress relief and relaxation, this is a customized and therapeutic massage using advanced modalities, such as Intuitive, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Sports Massage, Chakra Balancing, Trigger Point, Lymphatic or Reflexology. Thai, Tibetan, Hawaiian and Incan are also available, to make you feel like a real world traveler.
60 minutes: $120 | 90 minutes: $160

60 Minute Reiki, Craniosacral or Reflexology Healing Session
Three amazing body and energy therapies to help balance your whole body's systems.
60 minutes: $120

Champagne, Roses, and Chocolate
Indulge yourself or a loved one with the height of luxury. Perfect for a belated Valentine's gift, birthday or holiday gift, or any other special occasion, especially Mother's Day.
Chocolate Massage—60 or 90 minutes   $130, $165
Chocolate Scrub—60 or 90 minutes   $130, $165
Champagne and Roses Massage   $130, $165

Bio-Integrated Therapy
We are all made up of Mind, Body and Spirit/Energy and bio-integration was developed to facilitate pain relief in any or all of these areas, while restoring a natural equilibrium or balance. The therapy uses a client-centered combination of techniques through which a form of deep relaxation is achieved often with a heightened sense of awareness. This therapy can be combined with any other form of therapy or spa treatment.
60 minutes: $130 | 90 minutes: $170 | 120 minutes: $ 210

Pineal Activation
The Pineal Gland is a small gland in the center of the brain, which releases Melatonin and controls the body's circadian rhythm. Recently scientists have discovered it to be coated in calcium crystals, which are only found in the inner ear and are the same as used in the early crystal radios. These can now be activated to increase our communication skills, awareness, and our vibrational rate. This activation takes a maximum of 30 minutes. The cost is $130 on its own or $100 when incorporated with another therapy.

Aromatherapy Massage or Raindrop Therapy
Heal your body with pure essential oils as they are applied with your massage. Your favorite scent, select blends or Raindrop Therapy. (60 minutes.)
60 minutes: $130 | 90 minutes: $165

Face, Hand & Foot Pampering
A great little way for you to pamper yourself for an hour. Includes reflexology and salt scrub to relax and smooth aching feet and hands. Finished with a shoulder, neck, face, and scalp massage to send away your stress. Mini facial may be included.
60 minutes: $130

Perfect Pampering for Her
For the woman on the go who can stop just long enough to enjoy a reflexology and salt scrub treatment for the hands and feet; a focused back massage to work out the knots; and an herbal face and scalp massage. Mini facial may be included. (90 minutes.)

Perfect Pampering for Him
Show him how much you care with this great package designed to smooth out his stress with a combination of a sports massage; foot scrub with reflexology; and a salt scrub for his back. Mini facial may be included. (90 minutes.)

Corporate Chair massage for your guests or party is available. Let us help you coordinate a chair/table massage for your next event, including receptions, conventions, parties and golf tournaments.

We use the finest champagne grapeseed massage oil to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin. The nutrients promote a warm, relaxing aura.

Reservation Policy: In consideration of our staff and our customers' time schedules, a credit card is required to hold an appointment. 24-hour notice is requested to avoid possible charges.  You will be charged 50% of the full price for less than 4 hours' notice, and the full price for no shows.

Prices & services are subject to change at any time.

All services can be customized and combined to enhance your experience.