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Shaw's Maple Syrup Tours

From 14 Thu Mar 2013 to 13 Sat Apr 2013

We serve pancakes daily 8am – 4pm until April 13

We have horse drawn wagon rides on weekends between 11 am to 1 pm.

We have 4 kms of walking trails through our bush and maple tubing set-up.

We have a few signs giving maple info.

You can watch sap boil in our evaporator when it flows.

We do informal tours when we have time and a request.


Sleigh Ride - A team of Percheron horses will take you through our maple wonderland. We have a one mile loop meandering through the middle of our network of tubing that connects our 6000 taps. The large mature trees give shelter from the wind and create a perfect atmosphere forfun. Pancake House - Our seasonal restaurant has a rustic atmosphere, clad in barn boards with pictures and other maple related items, the feel is pure Canadian. We serve Premium Lean Sausages, French Toast, Butter Milk Pancakes Maple Baked Beans and Home Baking. Maple Syrup Production - We gather sap from our 6000 taps and boil it into Maple Syrup. It takes approximately 40 gallons of Maple Sap to make 1 gallon of Maple Syrup. Come out and see where we make this happen.
DATE: Apr 1, 2013 to Apr 13, 2013
LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
PHONE: 705-325-4347