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Wye Marsh: Wet n' Scaly

From 25 Sat May 2013 to 26 Sat Oct 2013 every Saturday

Discover Ontario's native reptile species. Participants will learn plenty of fun facts and identification tips, as well as discover the importance of environmental stewardship and the role that individuals can play in helping Ontario's Species at Risk. This program includes a one hour live reptile show in conjunction with an hour of interactive games and activities. Participants will meet and get to know some of the interesting reptilian characters who populate the display hall at the Wye marsh: Buddy – a Blanding's turtle, George – an Eastern fox snake, King, Faro, and Czar – Eastern Ratsnakes, Speedy and Marsha – Midland painted turtles, Hook – a Red-eared slider, Sonic and Sam – Snapping turtles.