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Yoga Workshop

From 28 Sun Apr 2013 to 27 Thu Jun 2013 every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Yoga Workshop:

Date: Sunday 3pm. Monday 4:45pm Tuesday 9:15am., 6:45pm. Thurs 6:45pm.
Studio Prices:  $15.00.

My story
My personal journey with yoga began with my interest in nutrition. As a lecturer, I met people with compromised digestive systems who experienced a lack of energy and mental focus. It became clear to me that their health issues were not only geared to food choices, but to lack of exercise and attention to their mental health. Proper food choices became one piece of the pie. Without attention to their physical and intellectual well-being, healthy eating habits would not be enough to heal and rejuvenate the body. In 2008, I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program at Georgian College. Upon completion in 2010, I opened my own studio. The practice of yoga at the Forks is meant to compliment my focus on the role of nutrition in the pursuit of optimum health.

What to expect?
In my class you will learn the physical postures that will help you strengthen and stretch your body while practicing proper alignment safely. Balancing postures seek to increase stamina while developing an appreciation for stability in our everyday lives. Seated stretches, twists and floor work seek to enhance overall agility and muscle tone. Gentle attention to breathing will help you eliminate toxins, relieve stress and focus on your body's sensations. Each class ends with a period of relaxation designed to restore and rejuvenate the body while calming and elevating the mind.