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Tucson Arizona Hiking

Lose Yourself in Nature (But Try to Stick to the Trail)

Having a great time is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate being so close to five incredible mountain ranges for unforgettable Tucson, AZ hiking experiences. When staying at Starr Pass Golf Suites, browse through our favorite Tucson, AZ hikes, and climb your way to spectacular views.

Tucson Mountains
Traverse the Tucson Mountains in Saguaro National Park West, where a forest of saguaros dots the mountainside terrain. Many Old West movies have used this area as a backdrop. Some trails begin right outside our resort! Tucson, AZ hikes here include: Tumamoc Hill, Valley View Overlook Trail, Yetman Trail, Starr Pass Trail and King Canyon Trail.

Santa Clara Mountains
The rugged Santa Catalina Mountains are located on Tucson’s north side and offer the highest elevation at Mt. Lemmon (9,147 feet). Trails include: Sabino Canyon, the Mt. Lemmon Meadow Loop, Romero Pools, Blackett’s Ridge, Finger Rock and Ventana Canyon.

Madera Canyon
Explore forested slopes, trickling streams and a vast variety of fauna and flora in the Madera Canyon area, offering a number of hikes just 40 minutes south of Starr Pass Golf Suites. The region provides everything from easy nature walks to a strenuous 12-mile hike to Mount Baldy.

Tumamoc Hill

Located just a ten-minute drive away from Starr Pass Golf Suites is Tumamoc, offering a steep ascent of about 800 feet over the course of a 1.5-mile hike. This tough climb is a favorite among locals, who use the preserve as a beautiful natural getaway from the nearby city.

Rincon Mountains
On the east side, the Rincon Mountains are home to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, a huge underground labyrinth and one of the largest dry caves in the world. Tucson hiking trails at Rincon Mountains include: Cactus Forest, Douglas Spring, Miller Peak and Tanque Verde Ridge.

Santa Rita Mountains
Located on Tucson’s far south side, the Santa Rita Mountains represent the area’s wild biodiversity. Many species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, bees, and plants flourish here, making for unexpected delights while hiking. Trails include: Bog Springs, Old Baldy and Cave Creek – Gardner Canyon.

Tortolita Mountains
On the northwest edge of Tucson, the Tortolita Mountains are the smallest of the area’s mountain ranges and feature rugged peaks, gullies, canyons and alluvial fans, with rocky soil and various stands of cacti. Trails include: Honeybee Canyon and Wild Burro.

Tucson is also home to various urban trails like the Tucson Urban Loop, the Rillito River Park Trail and the Santa Cruz River Park Trail.