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Saturday, 09/07

Falsetto & storytelling contest

The annual Kndy Sproat Falsetto & storytelling contest is to be held at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott's Naupaka Ballroom.


Both home cooks and top professional chefs compete against their peers for the championship recipe of this popular Hawaiian dish that is made from the freshest fish or shellfish plus seasonings.

Festival of 1000 Bowls

Escape the heat of summer and head up the hill for the 7th annual "Cool Fusion: The Festival of 1000 Bowls." Enjoy hiyashi somen (chilled Japanese noodles) served in a handmade bowl of your choice to keep.


Join an end-of-summer beach clean-up focusing on getting cigarette butts off the beach. Cigarette smoking is illegal at the County Park, but people are still doing it.