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Stunning Family Reunion Destinations

Get Away with Friends and Family!

Stay with Shell Vacations Hospitality for your family reunions, birthday and anniversary celebrations and family gatherings! Our hotel collection offers a variety of unique, picturesque family reunion destinations with an assortment of room types and on-site activities for every age.

Looking to get your five favorite cousins together? Or plan a full-scale party for a bunch of far-flung multigenerational family members including grandma and grandpa, Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe and that brand new niece or nephew (oh, and their parents too)? Or thinking about going somewhere special with a mixed bunch of family and friends for a special birthday or anniversary celebration?

When seeking ideas for family reunions, consider a Shell Vacations Hospitality resort. Our resorts have features that make any kind of social gathering a pleasure! And with our professional meeting planners, we can help make planning your event a pleasure too.

Family-Friendly Resorts

For groups with kids, many of our family reunion destinations offer activities that appeal to both kids and their parents: golf and fine dining for the grown ups, cookie making and popcorn nights for the kids. Our locations offer activities that everyone can enjoy from skiing or just hanging out by the pool!

And there’s more that make us a great choice for families.

Our full kitchens make your budget stretch even further and with our entertainment centers and condo- style suites, separate bedrooms ensure that everyone has plenty of space. Plus we’ve already figured out plenty of activities to help you with your planning, from Day Trips to Area Travel Guides that go into great detail for anything you might want to do in each of our fantastic destinations.

If you want to get together for a big party or dinner, we can help you plan that too! Many of our resorts have meeting spaces, but for those that don’t, we have terrific off-site options too.

Start Planning Your Family Reunion Now!

Grown Up Getaways

For groups without kids, we’re a great fit too!
Looking to get away for a long weekend with friends and family or celebrate a significant birthday or anniversary?
We’re in places that offer grown-ups a relaxing and satisfying excursion. We offer wine tasting in Napa, shopping and nightlife in San Francisco, gaming and shows in Las Vegas and golf groups in Arizona.

Our spacious condo-style rooms offer gathering points as you prepare to head out for an active day (or a great space to just hang out and visit!) We’re happy to help with planning your special gathering and our concierges are experts at getting group dining reservations!
Start Planning Your Grown Up Getaway