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Theatre By The Bay Presents

From 11 Mon Aug 2014 to 30 Sat Aug 2014

Location: The Mady Centre for Performing Arts,  1 Dunlop Street West
Contact: (705) 735-9243; 


Based on the stories of Robert Munsch All for one and one for all! The Three Munschketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, are here and they’ve brought some of their favourite Munsch stories.We Share Everything is about the importance of sharing everything in Kindergarten, even your pants. Just One Goal! is about a little girl named Ciara who builds a hockey rink. Where in Gah-Ning? is the story of a father trying to stop his daughter from going to Kapuskasing for a shopping trip. Moose! is about the story of a family trying to get rid of a big Moose in their backyard. Wait and See! is about the power of birthday wishes. Athos, Porthos and Aramis play all the characters and keep the young audience engaged between stories. It’s guaranteed to delight kids and parents. 

Show Times: For show times call 705-735-9243
Admission: $8.00