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Theatre By The Bay Presents

From 07 Thu Aug 2014 to 30 Sat Aug 2014

Location: The Mady Centre for the Performing Arts, 1 Dunlop Street West
Contact: (705) 735-9243; 


. At the same time, we see the adventures of his detective (Stone), presented as if in a black-and-white film. The detective has a way with women but is forever haunted by the one who got away in this musical spoof of film noir crime movies and Hollywood's treatment of writers.

City of Angels is two shows in one. It is the interweaving of two plots, one dealing with the writing of a screenplay in the legendary Hollywood of the '40's; the other, the enactment of that screenplay. This double feature quality leads to many other unique production values, the most notable being the fact that City of Angels is perhaps the only “color coded” shows any theatre audience is likely to see. A murder mystery/comedy not to be missed.

Show Times: Visit for schedule